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What can I do about sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite cold or hot treats. The first thing to do if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity is to call our office and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Darby so we can rule out problematic culprits like decay or periodontal disease. 

In the meantime, we recommend brushing with a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. The active ingredient in most sensitivity toothpastes is either strontium chloride or potassium nitrate. Both of these compounds are highly effective when it comes to reducing dental sensitivity. After using the product for a couple of weeks, you should notice a real improvement in your level of sensitivity.

Certain foods and drinks can impede the effectiveness of sensitivity toothpastes, particularly foods that are high in acid such as citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, grapefruit) and beverages like tea and soda. These foods are also likely to increase your level of sensitivity.

If you aren't achieving any relief with a sensitivity toothpaste, please let us know. In-office products are available that we can apply at your appointment. These products will reduce, if not completely eliminate, your sensitivity. Products containing a higher level of fluoride are also often appropriate, and we are happy to recommend one if needed.

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