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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Exams and Cleanings for Adults and Kids

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Choosing a healthcare provider for your family is a big decision, and we respect that. 

You probably have a lot of questions about our practice, dentistry in general, and your own dental health in particular. 

No question is ever small or silly, and we welcome them here at Richton Dental Care. We will always be upfront and honest about your health and your treatment while remaining respectful and compassionate. 

We've collected a few of the questions we hear most often. If your question is answered here, fantastic! If not, or you would like more information, please call our office today or send us an email so we can help!

Exams and Cleanings for Adults and Kids

While a number of conditions can be spotted during a visual exam, many other conditions develop beneath the enamel or gum tissue. If we wait until these problems are visible to the naked eye, you could be in for a great deal of discomfort and hassle! 

Instead, we rely on x-rays to help us spot developing problems as early as possible so they can be easily treated with simple, conservative treatments. 

For instance, an x-ray examination at Richton Dental Care could reveal: 

  • Bone infections or destruction
  • Periodontal disease
  • Cysts, abscesses, and other infections
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Certain types of tumors

We value your time, and we don't waste it with overexplaining. We'll take the necessary x-rays and let you know if you we spot anything concerning as quickly and simply as possible using plain English instead of dental jargon! We put ourselves in your shoes and make sure you get the info you need to make sound decisions concerning your dental care. And, of course, we'll always answer any questions you have!

Dental x-rays use a very low amount of radiation and are quite safe. Simply put, we wouldn't use them otherwise. The benefit of having regular x-rays far outweighs any possible risk!

It's quite common for people to avoid seeing a dentist until something hurts. We usually refer to this as "crisis treatment." In the long run, however, preventive treatment will help you stay healthy. Think of it like you would car maintenance – if you skip oil changes or tune-ups, you're going to have a lot more problems down the road!

For many patients, the goal may be to save money. The problem with this is that many dental problems don't cause any type of symptoms until they are considerably advanced. At this point, it's going to take more than just a simple filling to treat the problem. Instead of root canal treatment, a build-up, and a crown, we'd much rather treat you with a filling three to four years before you feel any pain! 

It's common to see patients who haven't been to the dentist because nothing hurts and find that they have one or more huge cavities... and they have no idea!

At Richton Dental Care, we prefer to practice conservative dentistry whenever possible, and our patients prefer it too. When you see us regularly for your check-ups and professional cleanings, we can catch problems early on, when simple treatments are all it takes.

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