Implant-Supported Crowns and Bridges in Richton MS

dental implants richton msWhen you lose a tooth, it sets off a chain reaction that can threaten the health of your other teeth.

We want to help you stop that chain reaction, restore your health, and allow you to smile again with comfort and confidence.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by replacing your missing tooth or teeth with an implant-supported crown or bridge.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is essentially an artificial root that is placed surgically in your dental bone. It is then topped with a restoration, like a crown or bridge, that looks, feels, and functions remarkably similar to a natural tooth.

While dental implants sound incredibly high tech and modern, the truth is that they’ve been used successfully to replace missing teeth for about 25 years now! As time goes by, dental implant technology continues to improve, and today, implants have a fantastic success rate and have helped to restore the smiles of millions of patients across the U.S. We are excited to bring this advanced technology to our patients in Richton, MS!

dental implants richton msWhy Dental Implants?

It’s true that dental implants can cost more than other tooth replacement options like crown-supported bridges or partial dentures, but they also provide a huge advantage over other options. In the long run, dental implants will help support your dental health – and may even wind up saving you money on dental bills in the future.

When you lose a tooth, a very important and necessary process comes to an end – the process of dental bone maintenance. The roots of your teeth stimulate your dental bone to help keep it healthy. When the connection is gone, however, the dental bone becomes diminished and your body resorbs the calcium and other minerals that keep the bone strong. As the bone weakens, other teeth will become wobbly and may become loose or lost. You’re probably also familiar with the “sunken” appearance that can develop in people who have lost multiple teeth. This is due to bone loss.

Because dental implants replace the missing tooth root, they restore the relationship and allow your bone to continue replenishing itself. Other tooth replacement options only focus on replacing the gap in your smile and don’t affect the dental bone. As you can see, this gives dental implants a huge advantage when it comes to protecting your long-term dental health.

Call for an Evaluation

If you are missing teeth, call Richton Dental Care and request an evaluation and consultation with Dr. Nick Darby. He will review all your options with you and determine whether dental implants are the right choice for you. We have excellent relationships with local oral surgeons and can provide you with a referral if you agree that dental implants are the best option.

Our patients often tell us that their dental goal is to have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Dental implants can help you achieve that goal. Call today to find out more.