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How often do I need to replace my denture?

Dentures are much like cars. Some people replace their cars because they want a better or prettier one. Others replace cars when the car starts getting worn down and not working as well as it did brand new. Many people will even wait until their car breaks down and is no longer functioning to decide it's time for a new model. Dentures are the same way.


Dr. Darby recommends replacing a denture every 5 to 10 years. Over time, the mouth with no teeth will change shape and the denture will no longer fit as comfortably as they once did. Also, while dentures are made from strong materials, it is still plastic, and plastic does wear down and break. When the teeth and denture wears down, wrinkles become more prominent, the lips and cheeks sink in, and the overall face seems to shrink giving an older appearance. A new set of dentures can add vitality to your face and to your smile.

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