What does nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) do and what does it feels like ?

Nitrous oxide gas, also called laughing gas, is a very mild sedative gas that acts within minutes.  The gas does not put the patient to sleep, it simply relaxes the patient and makes them happier.  Patients often confuse nitrous oxide gas sedation with IV sedation, these are not the same.  Nitrous oxide gas sedation is best used on anxious patients that are concerned about the local anesthetic injections, concerned about the loud sounds of dental procedures, or for pediatric patients.  If patients require further sedation we will refer them to the right specialists for IV sedation.  

While you are under the effect of nitrous oxide gas, you will feel less anxious, happier, and you may laugh at silly things.  You may feel some tingling in the fingers and toes, sleepiness, and "funny", these are all normal responses.  If you feel light-headed or nauseated, we will turn the gas down to ensure your comfort.  After the procedure is completed, the gas will take a few minutes to leave the body and you will feel normal again.  Using the gas does not hinder you from driving or perform normal daily activities.

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