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Why does the dentist take x-rays?

While a number of conditions can be spotted during a visual exam, many other conditions develop beneath the enamel or gum tissue. If we wait until these problems are visible to the naked eye, you could be in for a great deal of discomfort and hassle! 

Instead, we rely on x-rays to help us spot developing problems as early as possible so they can be easily treated with simple, conservative treatments. 

For instance, an x-ray examination at Richton Dental Care could reveal: 

  • Bone infections or destruction
  • Periodontal disease
  • Cysts, abscesses, and other infections
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Certain types of tumors

We value your time, and we don't waste it with overexplaining. We'll take the necessary x-rays and let you know if you we spot anything concerning as quickly and simply as possible using plain English instead of dental jargon! We put ourselves in your shoes and make sure you get the info you need to make sound decisions concerning your dental care. And, of course, we'll always answer any questions you have!

Dental x-rays use a very low amount of radiation and are quite safe. Simply put, we wouldn't use them otherwise. The benefit of having regular x-rays far outweighs any possible risk!

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