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What causes morning breath?

Saliva is one of the ways your body helps to keep your mouth clean of bacteria and food particles. At night, however, saliva production slows down. This allows bacteria to build up over night and contributes to the odor that many of us think of as "morning breath." 

What you are smelling is sulfur compounds created by the bacteria on your tongue and in your teeth breaking down remaining food particles. It dissipates once you are up and moving around and saliva production kicks into a higher gear, essentially rinsing the compounds away.

Brushing and flossing before bed helps to reduce morning breath by reducing bacteria and helping to eliminate their favorite food source – the food particles that tend to linger in your mouth. Brushing in the morning right after breakfast is also important. 

Let's be honest – it's not a lot of fun to wake up next to someone with a bad case of morning breath, and you don't want to be that person!

If your morning breath lingers throughout the day or isn't reduced by improved brushing and flossing habits, please let us know. You may be experiencing symptoms of a more severe condition, such as periodontal disease. 

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